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A Look At The Rainbow Riches Slots Series

It is no shock that online slots are now among the fastest growing elements of the online gambling world. Indeed, some of these games have gone on to achieve mythical status among online gamers across the planet.

Without question one of the most successful online slots games ever made, Rainbow Riches is a slot from the Barcrest software team that has enjoyed almost unmatched traction with players. Offering a wonderfully exciting yet simple form and a multi-hued, kaleidoscopic aesthetic, Rainbow Riches has been a massive success with gamers. As a result, the game is today a franchise with new evolutions continuously charming fans everywhere!

In this article, we will take a look at the Rainbow Riches slot series. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at how this top slot has become one of the most talked-about and revered slots in the history of online casino games.

Why is Rainbow Riches such a successful slot?

The factors behind Rainbow Riches’ rise to the top of the global slots pantheon are plentiful. Chief among the reasons has to be the stunningly colourful aesthetic of the game, which draws players in and keeps them playing for hours on end. 

Offering a colour-packed interface that ensures players stay engaged in tandem with the Leprechaun-theme makes this a top slot. Irish mythology is always a winner and with pots of gold and a stunning rainbow, this five reels and twenty pay lines game is seriously exciting. Rainbow Riches offers a variety of elements like nifty symbols and cards that entice gamers of all abilities.

At the core of the success of Rainbow Riches are the bonus rounds that tend to raise the stakes with potentially huge successes for players. There are a variety of elements to the game’s bonuses, with the Pot of Gold Bonus, the Wishing Well Bonus and the Road to Riches Bonus some of the best. The wild style of this element makes certain that gamers remain at a high level throughout and you can test this out by playing a game of Rainbow Riches today at Fruity King.

The Evolution of Rainbow Riches Games

Rainbow Riches started life as an offering featured on fixed-odds betting terminals in the UK, with the likes of William Hill and Ladbrokes seeing a significant demand for the game across the stores. 

Now, gamers tend to play the online version of Rainbow Riches thanks to new legislation stipulating that fixed-odds terminals must have a significantly smaller wagering limit. On the internet though, gamers can wager up to £500 on each spin on slots such as the Rainbow Riches game. This means the chances of massive slots wins is a serious one and the top jackpot scooped up from this slot is a hefty £250,000. Exciting stuff!

Overall, it is not tough to understand why Rainbow Riches has gone down as such a stunning slot. Filled with fun in the form of mega jackpots and stunning looks, this is one of the finest games ever created and continues to astound.

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